domingo, 21 de noviembre de 2010


Hi people!!! How are you? I'm fine, thanks!!! Well, now is my turn... Yeah! It's Egocentrika's turn to become a devil, a loca, a fierce!!!
Yeah baby! Time is now and the fever is out!!! So, you think I'm sexy? Mmmmm, it could be, but my caracter it's a crazy fierce.
One more night at weekends. Wonderfull parties everyday in Valetodo Downtown. I'm one of the six drag queens that you want. A little princess of night. A little babe very tight!!!
Fabolous bodies and perfect perfomances. You only are going to find this at night in Valetodo Downtown. From Lima-Perú, a latin sexy girl.
I'm feeling coming, yes baby, you have to visit my home.
Now, I am a gotic drag queen. That night was wonderfull because of you!!! Thanks everybody to claim my shows. Always nice people arrived at disco and you are the perfect sauce to me.
Welcome to my web-page and don't forget to visit me and my web. I'll be waiting you, dude!!!
At the end of this post I put a video at the dressing room.
Hope you like it!!
See you laterrrrrrrrrrrr!!!
Kisses of a very feminine woman!!!
Bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee...
PD: Thanks to Drag Queen Harmonika Sumbean for the video.
Nebulah, you are a very bad bad bad girl... Hahahahha!!!



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